I've been privileged to lead a number of funded curriculum projects at various scales that have been based on documentary films, television shows, and historical research. Almost all these projects were team efforts that involved curriculum writers, researchers, web designers, and project managers, often from a variety of cultural and educational institutions. Here's a sampler:

  1. Teaching The Levees: tied to Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke, done in collaboration with and supported by HBO and the Rockefeller Foundation: www.teachingthelevees.org
  2. MASTERCLASS: AN HBO DOCUMENTARY SERIES, National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts. Hal Abeles and I recruited, supervised, and edited the work of a team of writers in several disciplines to create a series of lessons linked to one season of this award winning show:  http://youngartsmasterclass.org
  3. Let Freedom Swing, with The Documentary Group, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Rockefeller Foundation:  http://letfreedomswing.org/
  4. Revolution '67, a film by Mary Lou Tibaldo Bongiorno and Jerome Bongiorno, about the race riots in Newark in 1967, funded by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities and Prudential Foundation: http://www.bongiornoproductions.com/REVOLUTION_67/REVOLUTION_67.html
  5. Pray the Devil Back to Hell, by Abigail Disney. Worked with Ellen Livingston on the study guide: http://praythedevilbacktohell.com/
  6. Mapping the African American Past. Columbia's Center for New Media Teaching and Learning received a grant from JP Morgan Chase for creation of this website: Bill Gaudelli and I worked with a team to produce lessons key to New York City's African American history: www.maap.columbia.edu
  7. Beyond Belief, a film by Principle Pictures, about two widows of 9/11. Funded by the Beyond the 11th Foundation. I worked with two lesson writers on shaping the study guide for the film: http://www.principlepictures.com/beyondbelief/
  8. Understanding Fiscal Responsibility, Anand Marri led a team of researchers and curriculum writers, with funding from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, to create this curriculum on the national debt and deficit. I led the team with responsibility for creating lessons related to US History: http://teachufr.org 
  9. Readers Guide and Teachers Guide for Julie Otsuka's When the Emperor was Divine, part of NEA's Big Read project (with Brian Crocco):: http://www.neabigread.org/books/whentheemperorwasdivine/