When I have time, I respond to requests from education reporters and other media writers about topics of importance to education, social studies, gender and urban education, among others. I've spoken extensively  about issues associated with citizenship education, gender, teaching and teacher preparation, and the curriculum projects in which I've been engaged. 

Occasionally, I've written brief editorials on issues of the day such as a piece on the importance of media literacy for Education Week, which grew out of Project Vietnam, and contributions to the New York Times on topics such as early childhood education, teacher preparation, and Teach for America. My Twitter handle is profcrocco, and I make regular commentary there about issues of educational and historical importance.

Since starting as Chairperson in the Department of Teacher Education at MSU in May 2014, I've also contributed to the Green & Write blog, first on "Texas, Textbooks, and the Politics of History Standards (http://edwp.educ.msu.edu/green-and-write/2014/texas-textbooks-and-the-politics-of-history-standards/_) and another time on the AP U.S. History framework controversy in Colorado (http://edwp.educ.msu.edu/green-and-write/2014/u-s-history-and-national-identity-the-case-of-jefferson-county-colorado/).  I was also interviewed by Stefanie Marshall about the terrific movie, Selma:  http://edwp.educ.msu.edu/green-and-write/2015/teaching-selma-an-interview-with-dr-margaret-crocco.

Here are a few other highlights: